Cute Carton Cat Memo Sticker

Cute Carton Cat Memo Sticker

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Cute Carton Cat Memo Sticker

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Remind you twice! Remind you of your love for cats and remind you of your important things, by attaching these super cute carton cat memo stickers to whatever surface your eye adheres on.

Use it to mark a sheet or put it on your fridge or just use it for decor purposes.

No matter what you use it for but it will bring cuteness in your home and in your life. Fascinatingly cute and purposeful at the same time. What else you'd need more?

One piece includes 30 sheets of stickers. 

Usually on retail for $13.90 and *FREE* just for a short limited time. So time to purchase is right meow. 🐱 🐱 🐱

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