6pc Home Decor Kittens

6pc Home Decor Kittens

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6pc Home Decor Kittens

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Set new accents with these 6pc Home Decor Kittens and level up the cuteness factor by using them to decor all kinds of tables, little small pots and bowls or just your living room commode. Make your home a kitten-home and let them give you a smile whenever you see them peacefully resting together.

Small things can have a huge impact and show all your friends, that you are the person, that loves the passion for detail. Who does not feel a warm welcoming breeze in a home that is nicely decorated and in the presence of cats?

They are also the purr-fect fit as a gift for your friends or family members or as small little toys to play with for your son or daughter. Just make sure the child is old enough that there is no risk that the infant putting it into their mouth and swallow it.

Content: 6pc of Home Decor Kittens

Choose GET2 variant and save $4

Choose GET3 variant and save $7

Choose GET4 variant and save $8 + get FREE SHIPPING 

Choose GET6 variant and save $19 + get FREE SHIPPING 

Choose variant GET1 + 2pc Cute Basket Cat Home Decor and add these two cutie basket cats to your order for only $5,95 extra (FREE SHIPPING)

Choose variant GET1 + 4pc Carton Cat Home Decor and add these 4 cute carton cats to your order for only $8,95 extra (FREE SHIPPING)

Choose variant GET1 + 6pc Cat Insulation Coaster and add these 6 cute cat coaster to your order for only $18,95 extra (FREE SHIPPING)

If you want to elevate the cat-mosphere of your home to the moon, get our Cat Home Decor XXL Package for only $49,95 + FREE SHIPPING

These kittens are desperately waiting to settle in your home. 

Stock is limited and will sell out fast. Maximum 4 orders per person. 

Do not wait until they are sold out, but grab them now!

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