Why Your Cat Bites You!

March 02, 2018

Why Your Cat Bites You!

One of my cat’s favorite nighttime activities is to come up to me at about 3 am and bite my toes! This almost always ends up waking me up.

I really didn’t know why my cat was doing that! And, it was a bit annoying at first but then, it started happening every night! So, my cat couldn’t let me sleep at all!

In this blog post, I will go through why cats bite.

Let’s begin.

Your Cat is Probably Overstimulated

While actual cat bites are painful and require immediate treatment, others don’t necessarily mean that your cat is angry with you. However, if your cat has been biting you as you pet her, it is probably because of over-stimulation.

The hair follicles of a cat’s can only take so much petting before it starts to actually hurt.

A Behavioral Holdover

Your cat may have a behavior holdover from her kittenhood days. Kittens play with each other using their mouths and they extend this behavior to their humans when they want some attention.

That’s probably why my cat, who sleeps all day, wakes me up at night to play.

Real Aggression vs. Play Aggression

Your kitty may be biting because she indulges in aggression while playing. However, you should know the difference between play-aggression and real aggression. If your cat is aggressive and biting you, it’s time to start training your cat to be a little more gentle.

Cat love bites aren’t really something you should worry about. Instead, it is one of the annoying quirks you’ll have to live with!

Does your cat bite you? Let me know why you think that is in the comments section!

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