The Reason Cats Love Boxes

November 23, 2019 2 Comments

The Reason Cats Love Boxes


Have you ever noticed that your cats seem to be obsessed with boxes you bring into the house? They like to play in them, hide in them and just relax in them. It’s not only house cats that like boxes – even big cats in the wild enjoy boxes when placed in their environment.

Well let’s look at the main reasons why boxes are your cats’ best friends!

1.      A Place of Safety

Cats will jump into a box to use as a hiding place. In this box, there are no predators that can sneak up on them from any side or behind them. They have a feeling of safety. Boxes are almost like little caves for cats.

2.      Stress Reducers

Cats can be very curious and also very scared. Boxes tend to lower the stress of cats as they see it as a safe zone where no one can see them. This all comes instinctively. From there they can observe without being seen. When cats are stressed, they run and hide – so boxes are perfect for them.

3.      Cats Use Boxes to Sleep In

As we all know, cats love to sleep more than any other activity during the day and night. They honestly sleep up to 18 hours a day! Therefore, it is important for them to find a place that is safe and comfortable to sleep in. It’s also warm. The best thing to do is get your cat a nice sized box and line it with a furry mat. They will take to it like a duck takes to water!

4.      Boxes Help Cats to Adapt

When there is a lot of change happening and cats are moved to a new environment, boxes help cats adapt to their new environment. It’s a way for them to feel calm and secure.

5.      Boxes Keep the Warmth In

Boxes – especially cardboard boxes, are fantastic insulators and keep the warmth in. The ideal temperature for your cat to lie in is 37 degrees centigrade, and cats adore the warmth.

Where to Keep Boxes in the Home

You don’t want to keep boxes lying here, there and everywhere – so just place them carefully in the corners of your house, especially in the lounge and bedroom. Make sure they are large – but not too large, as cats will fit themselves in any size box and will contour their bodies to fit in.

How to Attract Cats to Boxes

Cats will usually just jump into boxes but if you want to encourage them, place a little bit of catnip in the box, or boxes and they will jump right in. One thing is for certain, your cat won’t want to leave it!

Where to Get Boxes From

Well you may not have any boxes lying around at home, so you will have to go organize some. Next time you go grocery shopping just ask the manager to give you a few spare boxes and it shouldn’t be a problem. Your cats will love you for it!




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February 19, 2020

I love that this article exists!


December 03, 2019

‘Norman’ Loves All boxes… Big or small. He is a medium size cat.. Sure is funny watching him trying to squeeze into a Kleenex box. Its like he knows I’m watching him and he is the Entertainer. I think he ‘knows’ I’m not well, (cancer) and he does these silly things to make me laugh.

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