Why Cats Love Boxes?

March 22, 2017

Why Cats Love Boxes?

Yes, yes, yes.

We’re not being unkind to homeless people here but it seems cats who “invade” boxes are like homeless people.

They want those boxes badly, not because they have no home but because of the following four possible reasons based on real observations from a professed cat-lover who will love them and laugh at them forever:

Curious. A cat is born curious. Any new thing that comes his or her way, and right in her vicinity, deserves great sniffing and exploration. She may consider living there for a while, so please don’t disturb the already-disturbed one.

Crazy. Yes, much research has been given to the state of mind of these funny felines but so far, no real results have come up as to why they’re nuts about boxes, when you bought them a $50 plush bed. Go figure.

Comfortable. Cats are comfort freaks. Get used to that now. They will circle that square box, sniff it, jump into it, climb into it, even if it falls on them and they scramble like mad. Important thing is the exploration. Capish?

Cool. Definitely cool to have a huge house that you can appropriate for yourself – something you can knead, bite, scratch, stretch on, leave your babies in, start a family in, leave your hair ball in – no questions asked; no furniture damaged.


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