What the Cat Sees: A Cat's World Photographed

March 03, 2020

What the Cat Sees: A Cat's World Photographed

Have you ever wondered how everyday things look from your cat's perspective? 

Experts agree that cats do see in colour, however, according to researchers, cats have very few cones (cells that respond to colour in light) that respond to red. This means that a cat sees the world in shades grey, yellow, and blue.  

Some experts believe that it may be almost impossible for our feline friends to tell the difference between reds and greens. 

A Kitty's Visual Field

While the visual field of an average human is 180 degrees, that of your feline friend is slightly wider, that is, 200 degrees. 

Colour Vision 

One of the biggest myths about a cat's vision is that they cannot see colour. Humans can see combinations of following three colours: 

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue 

Cats, too, can see combinations of these three colours, but, like a colourblind human can. They often confuse reds and pinks. 

Interesting, right? Do you know any cool facts about what the cat sees? Let us know in the comments section. 

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