The Poovanese Dog Breed: A Quick Peek

September 30, 2019

The Poovanese Dog Breed: A Quick Peek

The Poovanese is a cross between the Havanese and the Poodle.

This adorable dog is easy to love and will steal your heart in a matter of seconds. This dog is always happy and can easily cheer you up if you’re feeling down. Known for its killer looks, the Poovanese is a good house pet. 

In this blog post, I will share everything there is to know about the Poovanese breed with you. 

A Quick Look at the Breed

The Poovanese is a loving dog that makes a good family pet. This mixed breed dog is laid back, loyal, loving, intelligent, friendly, and easy to train. 

With a happy-go-lucky temperament, this dog will bring a smile to your face!

Since the Poovanese doesn’t shed a lot, you need to brush him a couple of times a week or, the coat may get tangled or develop knots. They don’t need to be bathed frequently or be taken to the groomers on a regular basis, 

This dog is a social one and loves to be around people. 

The Poovanese Dog Breed if the Right Fit for You If...

  • You want a dog that needsmoderate maintenance and regular grooming for his coat
  • You want a dog thatsheds minimally, and you don't want to deal with dog hairs everywhere 
  • Want a dog that is moderately easy to train and easy to housebreak as well. 
  • Need a dog that is fairly active and but doesn’t need to be taken out for a walk every day 
  • Want a dog that isgood with children and is energetic, playful, and affectionate 

What do you think about this dog breed? Let us know in the comments section! 

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