Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drooling?

June 27, 2019

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drooling?

Is your cat’s salivation becoming excessive?

Salivating is normal, essential in fact. But when this salivation becomes excess, it becomes drooling. For humans, drooling while sleeping may seem funny. But is it funny or normal for cats too?

Cats normally don’t drool. So if you’re noticing it drooling in huge amounts while sleeping or awake, this is definitely something you have to be cautious about. As soon as you notice something like that, you need to start looking out for underlying causes, reasons why this may be happening.

This blog post will tell you what are the main reasons that can be the cause of your cat’s drooling.

What’s Wrong With Your Cat?

There are some common causes that can be the cause of the waterfall emerging out of your cat’s mouth. Read on to know those possible reasons.

  1. Dental Conditions:

Have you had your cat’s teeth and gums checked? If no, then this could be the possible cause of your cat’s drooling. Your cat is trying to soothe the irritation and pain in its teeth/gums by producing excess saliva. 

2. Heat Strokes

Cats aren’t commonly the victims of heatstroke, however, if they have been in the sun or a suffocating place like closed cars for a while, then that is a possible cause of your cat’s drool.

3. Motion Sickness and Nausea

Cats aren’t the types to travel a lot in cars. The motion can cause them nausea and anxiety and can trigger drooling. Nausea caused due to other reasons like upset stomach can also cause drooling.

4. Respiratory Conditions Or Swallowing problems

Its all about the pipes for some cats! Whether it is the respiratory tract problems that are causing trouble or the esophagus/ food pipe has a blockage, your cat’s body reacts by drooling. It is commonly seen in cats when they find it difficult to swallow and you need to take quick action!

 5. Poisonous food or Foreign Bodies

Not every food is cat food. You may be regularly feeding your cat stuff that you consume in your daily diet or some plants that you feel may be herbally beneficial for your cat. But you need to know what is wrong and harmful to them. 

Particularly plants like tulips and chrysanthemums are essentially harmful to your little friends. And if they have by chance consumed anything toxic or poisonous, their defense mechanism may trigger drooling or excessive salivation.

Other foreign bodies like swallowing a grass blade or something that doesn’t go well with your cat’s system can also be the cause of drooling.

6. Fear and Anxiety

Your cats are sensitive animals and get easily worried. In situations that are causing stress and anxiety or scaring your cats, you will realize your cats are salivating excessively. In situations like these, you can easily bring it under control by calming your pet down.

7. Internal Conditions

Sometimes the causes for drooling can be more serious than you imagined, and the underlying causes can involve chronic kidney failure, liver problems, or even rabies and pseudorabies. 

In this case, you would be able to identify a significant change in your cat’s behavior and your cat would show more signs of sickness. This will make it easy for you to identify the warning signs so that you can get your cat treated quickly.

8. Oral Cancer

One of the worst-case scenarios and rare instances, but definitely a cause of excessive drooling can be oral cancer. Cats can develop oral cancer in any part of the mouth from the tip of the tongue to the back of your throat. It is necessary though, to be identified early so that it doesn’t spread to something even worse.

What Can You Do To Help Your Cats?

One thing. 

Do not overlook it when you notice it. Although some cats may drool due to joy or excitement, if you see no evident reason for its happiness, it probably is a warning sign for you.

Most serious illnesses will bring along other symptoms. But this doesn’t happen always. So the best you can do for your cat is, be attentive and visit a vet if you notice any excess drooling!

If this article has helped you understand and help your cat, do share your experience with us in the comments section!

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