Keeping Your Kitty in Good Shape!

August 29, 2017

Keeping Your Kitty in Good Shape!

I think we all know that cats can get real fat real quick.

And, we all also know that cats tend to be really lazy! 

In today's blog post I've decided to share with you some tips and tricks that'll help you kept your kitty active. 

Let's take a look!

  • Leave some paper bags, cardboard boxes, newspaper, etc. out for your kitty to play with. 

  • If your kitty gets active by sniffing catnip, it is also a good idea to provide some!

  • Investing in some toys for your kitty is also a good idea. Mine loves balls that are filled with catnip!

  • A cat tree can make any lazy cat active. 

  • Get your kitty some cat friends! (No, I'm not asking you to get another cat!) Set up a playdate with your BFFs cat so that your kitties are best friends as well!

  • Food puzzles are another amazing cat toy you can use to inspire your kitty to play.

I hope that these tips helped you turn your lazy kitty into a less lazy one!

What do you do to keep your kitty active? Let me know in the comments... 

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