Keep Your Kitty Calm, It’s Christmas!

December 11, 2018

Keep Your Kitty Calm, It’s Christmas!

Did you know that you need to cat-proof your house at Christmas?

This is something that new cat owners just don’t understand.

Cats and Christmas decorations are a recipe for disaster that’s waiting to happen. In fact, if you look for cat Christmas fails of YouTube, you are going to come across thousands of funny videos.

But, it’s not funny when it’s actually happening to you!

In this blog post, we will go through ways in which you can keep your kitty calm and busy during the holiday season for a hiccup-free Christmas---at least at your cat’s end.

Let’s start!

Kittens and Holidays

Kittens are curious about the beautiful and shiny Christmas decorations and are bound to explore. Kittens have a way of getting into the most unexpected places that may surprise you.

Christmas comes with different textures and colors in your house.

So, your kitten might sniff, bite, and nibble on things.

You should do your research on the toxicity of the holiday plants that you wish to put up. Also, cat grass is crucial] for kittens as it can help keep cats from chewing on Christmas trees.

Adult Kittys and Holidays

An adult cat has been around to see a few Christmases and may even enjoy the holiday and all the festivities. Adult cats are less likely to wreak havoc and, for the most part, will leave your holiday decorations alone.

But, don’t take things for granted!

You should still keep a close eye on your kitty and save your treasured ornaments by putting them on the top branches and leaving the bottom branches bare.  

Senior Cats and Holidays

Senior cats are less likely to cause trouble during Christmas and will most likely enjoy the festivities and spirit of Christmas.

However, your senior cat may retreat to a quiet place away from the holiday excitement so, it is better to let your kitty have some time off and enjoy the peace and quiet.

How do you keep your kitty calm during the holidays? Share tips with us in the comments!

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