Is It too Cold for Cats?

December 31, 2020

Is It too Cold for Cats?

Is it too cold for cats to stay outside? 

This is one of the questions that we come across in the winters when the temperatures have dipped and it's freezing cold outside. 

Community cats, feral cats, and outdoor cats are able to stay outdoors during the winter. Thanks to years of evolution, cats are able to thrive in various environments. So, you don't have to worry too much about feral cats. 

However, there are a few things that you can do to make them more comfortable at this time. 

Take a look. 

How to Keep Cats Comfortable in Frigid Temperatures 

  • Cats could use a few more calories to keep themselves warm in the winter. Feed the cats twice a day and provide them with plenty of water.
  • Wet food is the best bet during winters as it is easier to eat and digest. Dry food is prone to freezing and can cause constipation in kitties. 
  • If possible, warm the canned food up before serving it to the kitties so that it helps them keep and stay warm! 
  • Having a dedicated feeding station for feral cats for the cold winters is an excellent idea. 
  • You can also make an outdoor shelter for feral cats out of cardboard boxes and old blankets. If possible, keep some self-heating cat beds in the boxes for comfort. The kitties will thank you!
  • Try to make sure that the shelter is at least an inch or two from the ground and won't get wet from underneath if it rains or snows.
  • Sprinkle some catnip around the shelter to entice the cats to get on it. 

Summing Up 

Did we help you figure somethings out? 

Feral cats don't get the comfort of staying indoors during the frigid weather. Winters can be tough for these kitties. In this blog post, we shared some tips to help ensure these cats have a comfortable and warm winter. 

Which of these tips did you find the most helpful? Leave comments. 

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