If I Fits I Sits: Cats and Uncomfortable Seating

June 13, 2017

If I Fits I Sits: Cats and Uncomfortable Seating

Cats are known to sit anywhere and everywhere they want to, no matter how uncomfortable the place is! From cardboard boxes to bowls and mugs. 

Let's find out why!

There are actually three reasons why kitties like doing that: 

  • Love

Cats love being near their owners and sometimes do seek our attention and that's why you find your kitty sitting on your laptop or on your table at odd times. 

Yes, cats are a little bad at showing their emotions, but at least now you know how they express love in their way!

  • Territorial Nature

Its no secret that cats are territorial in nature. They show this nature by sitting in anything (and everything!) around them in order to mark everything with their pheromones. 

    • The Scent

    Did you know that cats can have 40 times more powerful sense of smell than humans do? 

    It's true!

    And they like sitting on your stuff because they love you and like smelling you. Isn't that just adorable!?

     I hope you liked this post! Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section...

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