How to Stop Your Cat From Pooping in The Garden?

June 24, 2020

How to Stop Your Cat From Pooping in The Garden?

Is your cat creating a mess in her litter tray?

Cats are fond of fouling and then covering it up with soil, which makes your garden an attractive place to poop for them. However, this habit of your cat can be damaging to your plants, and sometimes even to you.

This blog post will help you with effective techniques to stop your cat from fouling your garden.

Physical Obstruction 

The most basic technique to stop your cats from pooping in your garden is by physically obstructing it with the help of nets, chicken wires, or fences. Placing sharp objects in the soil that will make it an uncomfortable place for a cat to poop is also an option.

Scent-Based Repulsion 

Growing plants whose scent cats find repulsive is one smart way to keep your cat from pooping in your garden. With scents like rue, lemon thyme, lavender floating around in the garden, your cat will find its litter box to be a better pooping alternative.

Scaring Away 

The classic technique to scare animals and pests away from farms to protect crops is also an effective way to save your flowerbeds from being subjected to your cat’s poop. Erect little scarecrows or animal figures with fluorescent eyes to scare your cat away and into the house.


There’s a technological solution to almost everything today! If any of the above attempts doesn’t fit for you, you can simply grab a cat repellant device that uses ultrasound noise, pet-friendly jet sprays, or other techniques to keep cats away.

If you have any other technique that has worked for you, please leave your suggestions in the comments section!

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