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How Long Can Cats Survive Without Water?

We all know how long us humans can survive without food and water, but we usually don't know this about our feline friends. 

So, in today's blog I'd like to talk about how long cats can survive without water. 

Let's get started!

Do you know why we look for water when determining whether or not a planet is habitable? 

This is because water is essential for any sort of life form to exist! 

And, so, mammals can survive for longer without food, but not without water! This means that kitty can only survive seven days without water. 

Leaving your cat unattended (and without water!) when you're going on a short trip is not a good idea. 

There's another thing: Leaving your cat unattended without water can also cause dehydration, which can cause long term health problems in your kitty's body. 

So, fill up your cat's water bowl and make sure your 'lil kitty has a lot of water to drink whenever you go out!

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