Do Cats Get Jealous? A Quick Peek

April 30, 2020

Do Cats Get Jealous? A Quick Peek

Your cat may have things that he/she protects them and make sure that other pets don’t come nearer.

The cat might meow, growl when other pets get closer to its food. That might show that the cat is jealousy of other pets getting closer to its territory.It might not be able to say out but the actions may show that your cat is jealous.

Yes, cats can get jealous.

Why Do Cats Get Jealous?

There are various things that might make your cat be jealousy. Below is a list of things that may make a cat become jealousy. 

  • Personal belongings - a cat may growl when other pets in the house contact its food, bed or litter box. The cat may not be interested in sharing items that belong to them. Having other pets going near those items may trigger jealousy.
  • Introduction of new pet - Bringing another pet in the house like a new kitty or a dog may make cat jealous. You might focus on the new cat and this may disrupt the routine of the cat. The new member in the family might interrupt with the cat’s cuddling time and feeding time. The cat might not be happy with the short of quality time and attention that it used to get before having a new pet in the family.
  • Poor socialisation - a cat must which was not socialised properly as a kitten may be jealousy. A cat must be taught good matters as it grows up so that it behaves better and does not act weird in front of people or other pets.
  • Insecurity -  a cat also needs assurance that it is loved. Bad memories such as parting ways with the previous owner may result in jealousy. The cat will be having trust issues and will need to be convinced that the current owner won’t leave it.

Signs of Jealousy in Cats

In this section of the blog post, we will go through some of the signs of jealousy in cats. Take a peek. 

Aggressive Behaviour

Your cat may be aggressive towards other pets, human beings or property. The cat might hiss, meow or growl when other pets come closer to its territory or spot.

Your cat may scratch furniture in the house trying to revenge or to comfort itself from boredom.

The cat might scare other animals or human beings in the house by growling at them.  If your cat shows aggressive behaviour, it might be a sign that she/he is jealousy of something.

Pushy Behaviour

A cat may follow you around the house or come and sit on top of you to show that it needs your attention. The cat might rub itself against your body to draw your attention. 


Your cat might be shy and avoid being in contact with people. The cat might isolate itself. 

Your cat might also avoid using its litter box and urinate on the floor as a way of getting your attention.

How to Stop Jealousy in Kitties

Here's a quick look on how you can stop your cat from feeling jealous. Take a quick look. 

  • Teach your cat manners while it’s still young. This will make it behave good as it grows up
  • Spend more time with your cat. Cuddle and play games together. Buy new toys to keep boredom at bay.
  • Give your cat privacy. Make sure that other pets don’t go near its belongings and territory


Share your experiences on how you have dealt with a jealousy cat.

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