Decoding a Cat's Tail

June 20, 2017

Decoding a Cat's Tail

When you call a dog, it comes running to with its wagging tail. When you call a cat, they just stare at you. 

Today I'll go through a cat's body language and how a cat's tail can tell you a lot about your cat's mood. 

So, don't worry! 

You won't be caught off your guard when the cat attacks you next!

Let's talk about each of these, shall we? 

  • Tail straight up: This means that your kitty is happy around you and loves you! Sometimes the mother cat holds her tail up so that her little kittens don't have a lot of trouble in following her 

  • Tail raised back at an angle: You'll probably see this when your kitty is unsure about something---be it a new baby, puppy, or another human! Don't worry! You cat is just unsure...

  • Tail raised up, swishing: This is a sign that your cat is seriously pissed with you and wants you to leave him alone! 

  • Tail straight up, quivering: Well, this means that your cat is REALLY happy to see you and loves you!

  • Tail raised up, hooked at the tip: That looks like a question mark, right? That's because the kitty is confused about something!

  • Tail held horizontally behind the cat: This one can mean a few different things---your kitty may be confident, alert, amicable or relaxed

  • Hook in the base of tail: Run away from the cat because this one shows defensive aggression! You'll probably get clawed if you do something!

  • Thrashing tail: This could mean a few things, so this sign can be a little confusing. Let's take a look:

    • Interest in someone/something
    • Enjoying something (maybe grooming?) 
    • Anger 
    • Inviting another kitty friend to play
    • Excitement 


  • Bristled tail: This means that your kitty is aggressive and feels threatened by someone or something! 

  • Tail held low and straight: Did you do something to piss your cat off? Because this means that the furry little this is pissed yet again...

  • Tail held between the legs: This shows that your cat is submissive and probably wants to be left alone

  • Twitching tail tip: This happens when the kitty is interested in something---be it a toy or a 'prey'

  • Tail-twine: This means that your cat is marking you as its own! Feel happy, human!


Learned something new? Let me know in the comments section!

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