Captain Marvel and the Cat!

April 26, 2019

Captain Marvel and the Cat!

Marvel's Endgame is just about to release, which has everyone excited!

2019's much-awaited movie will be the last part of the series which is a little bittersweet for its fans. Ever since Iron Man made its debut, fans from all over the world have united to create a community to share memes, theories, etc. in.

Captain Marvel was released in April and is Marvel's female-centric superhero film. Apart from its high-tech VFX and strong storyline, there's one character who caught everyone's attention---not just Nick Fury's.

The adorable little super kitty is Captain Marvel's pet cat named 'Goose' but, fans call him the ‘Super Cat.’

Let’s have a look at the super cat.

The Adorable Goose

• According to the Marvel book, Goose is an alien who belongs to the Flerken species. In the movie, Goose was showed to have a strong attachment with Shields' head Nick Fury
• Initially, Goose was shown as an adorable and lovable pet cat, but his real identity was later discovered, when Goose burst octopus-like tentacles out of his mouth to keep the Tesseract safe
• This is the reason why the Skrull general Talos showed was scared of Goose!

More from the Comics: Captain Marvel and the Kitty

• Captain Marvel found that goose had a unique capability and has a miniature pocket dimension within its body and made Goose her pet cat
• This miniature dimension can hold the Infinity Stone safely---Just like what we get to see in Captain Marvel when Goose swallows the stone
• Just like any cat, Goose/Chewie is friendly towards its friend and can be furious to its enemy

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