Are Roses Toxic to Cats? Here’s What You Need to Know!

February 25, 2021

Are Roses Toxic to Cats? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Do you like roses? 

Flowers have a way of brightening up your space and putting your room together. Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers out there and have been linked to love and romance. 

Having them around your house does feel amazing. But, are they toxic to your feline friend? 

In this blog post, we will answer the question, “Are roses toxic to cats?”in detail. 

Keep reading to know more. 

Are Roses Toxic to Cats? Here’s the Deal 

Roses are generally considered to be safe for cats. 

That being said, you need to de-thorn the roses to make sure they don’t hurt your feline friend. Here are a few things you need to know: 

  • Consuming roses can lead to gastrointestinal upset and may cause trauma to the paws and mouth. Your cat may also be at risk of a bowel obstruction if she consumes a large amount of the flower. 
  • Signs to look out for include diarrhoea, inappetence, vomiting, abdominal pain, discomfort, and lethargy.  

If you suspect that your cat may have eaten a rose or two, it is best to call your vet to determine what to do next. Eating a petal or small quantities of the flower doesn’t usually have any consequences. 

It Is Best to Remove The Thorns 

If you like having roses at your place, it is best to remove the thorns to make sure your kitty doesn’t accidentally get injured. 

The thorns can: 

  • Injure your cat’s body parts as they can be very sharp. 
  • Hurt your cat in sensitive areas like its eyes. 
  • May make your cat bleed. 

Here’s how to de-thorn a rose without hurting yourself. 

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Here are Flowers Considered Generally Safe for Cats 

In this section of the blog post, we will go over some flowers that are considered safe to have around cats. 

Take a look. 

  • Daisies
  • Petunias
  • Camellias
  • Roses
  • Snapdragons
  • Lilacs
  • Sunflowers

Some Flowers That May Be Toxic to Cats 

In this section of the blog post, we will go over some flowers that may be toxic to your feline friend. 

  • Chrysanthemums
  • True lilies and daylilies 
  • Lily of the valley 
  • Hydrangeas
  • Oleander
  • Kalanchoe
  • Hyacinths
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips

All in All: Are Roses Toxic to Cats?

Did you find what you were looking for? 

Roses are generally safe for cats and are not toxic to your feline friend. However, you need to make sure to de-thorn the roses before decorating your interiors with them. 

Do you have further questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.

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