A Little About the American Curl Cat Breed

March 16, 2018 1 Comment

A Little About the American Curl Cat Breed

I was going through my Instagram feed and came across a breed of cat that's a forever kitten with strange-looking ears. After I did my research, I came to know that the adorable little kitty was an American Curl Cat. 

I love cats but, I hadn't heard of the breed before. So, I wanted to look into it and share what I find with you.

So, let's take a look at the American Curl Cat Breed!

  • The American Curl Cat has straight ears at birth but, they start to curl backward three to five days post birth. The ears take their forever shape after the kitty is about four months of age

  • The curry ears don't at all affect the kitty's hearing in any way

  • The American Curl is one of the youngest cat breeds. It was recently discovered in June 1981 in California

  • This breed also sports a plume-like tail

  • These cats are known to be quite mischievous and can open doors---and even turn doorknobs!

  • The breed shows affection to humans, is loyal and loving. The breed is quite adaptable to new people and situations

  • They are known as the Peter Pan of the cat world as they are kitten-like even when they grow up

What do you think of the American Curl Cat Breed? Let me know in the comments section... 

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Susan burtin
Susan burtin

March 28, 2018

Love all cats! However never heard nor seen the curl cat. I live in Western Australia and would love to have a sweetie pie Curl 🐱

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