A Few Things You Need To Know About Cats In Heat

December 05, 2017

A Few Things You Need To Know About Cats In Heat

Mating is just a natural part of life. Female kitties that haven't been spayed are known to go into heat in a cyclic manner. A cat who is breed and is in heat is commonly referred to as a 'Queen'. 

In this blog post, I'd like to share a few facts that you need to know about your female kitty and her heat cycles. 

So, let's get started. 

  • Female cats begin going into heat---or Estrus---at the young age of 4 months. Although the average age for kitties is 6-10 months  
  • Breeding a cat during her very first heat cycle is not advisable because the kitten's body is still developing by that time and shouldn't ideally take the stress of pregnancy
  • The heat cycle lasts for an average of 4-5 days and if the cat doesn't get pregnant during this cycle, she will again go into heat after a period of 2-3 weeks
  • Cats are induced-ovulators which means that ovulation is induced due to the act of mating. So, a female cat's eggs travel down her uterus to meet the male cat's sperm 
  • One litter of kittens can be fathered by several tomcats
  • Cats can be spayed while in heat

I feel that it is extremely important for those who own female cats to get them spayed if they don't intend to breed them.

In the next blog post, I'd like to go over a few signs of a female cat being in heat. 

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section! If you know an interesting fact regarding kitties in heat, share it with us!  

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